Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend reading - 31/05/2014

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Ah, weekend is finally here! Boy, this week was a long one!! Crowded days at work, ups and downs, all those itsy ingredients that get you exhausted by Friday. So here I am, looking forward to 1 day of peace and relaxation (today I am actually booked to a family meeting which I am trying to get out of my mind not to get mad about it). I plan on reading, catching up on magazines, eating lots of ice-cream, sleeping a lot. Basically just doing a lot of nothing. I might even put up a silent day for my husband, let's just see how critical I get (muahauah!!).

And back to reading, here are some links I found and really liked:  

  • Work smarter, not harder - super cool article, I loved every tip from it. Some (most) can be easily implemented right away and definitely can change a lot of how I am seeing some things - truly worth checking!
  • Wedding confessions - this one was hilarious and creepy in some part - definitely you must check it out! I oblige you:)
  • Vitamin cures for fantastic skin - I saved this one actually for home diys. The advises in the article are so easy to be done and at hand for everyone so take a look, something will be helpful for sure!

Happy weekend friends! May the relaxation gods be in your favor!

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  1. Anonymous5/31/2014

    May the relaxation gods be in your favor!"- Amen, sister! :))


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