Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall pieces #2

I have been drawn to all fall florals, I find that they add somehow a nice touch of polished and of boho-melancholia to any look.
I found some great pieces at Mango's so my selection above is all from them and it came out after I raided their site for a while. I put some of these items on my cart, very very hard to pick.
How beautiful is the printed dress with earth theme - very Dries van Noten like - I love this kind of print. And the beanie, and the cute feminine floral sweatshirt and, and... 
Somehow the fall looks much warmer and cozy in these.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Things to do on an easy Sunday

I just love an easy weekend filled with easy moments where I can reconnect with myself and feel the joy from within.

So for an easy Sunday:
  • decorate, re-arrange things at home, buy lots of flowers and spread them around, feel their energy and the sweetness of a cozy house
  • go out for a small picnic with those things that you like to indulge the most
  • bake something sweet
  • take out those knits and wrap them around you for colder moments!

But most of all take time just for yourself, sit and get in there where you have all your dreams, thoughts, desires. Make peace and love to yourself. It is the best thing we can all do to maintain balance in our otherwise hectic lives.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend style #1

I am sharing today my idea of a great and sweet weekend wear for day and evening. This particular board is not mine, I am sharing it from one of my favorite blogs - Sequins and Stripes, but I love it  and it is exactly what I would like to spend my days in.
Easy and cute during the colder days and chic but comfy during evening strolls or diner al fresco with friends.
It inspired me and this is exactly what I will try to combine during weekend. I hope it can inspire you too.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mixing few fall favourites

I have been doing some window shopping online and got on my list few items that I truly like and see mixed with a lot of things that I already own.
During colder days of autumn and winter I tend to gravitate towards very comfy sweaters, tees, shirts etc and more edgy (dressier) pieces for the bottom part.
I found on h&m's site few staples that I believe every one should have: leather skirt (it can be mixed literally with almost everything all year long), neutral cream colored bag and a fedora hat to take you from autumn to spring. 

These are on my wishlist at this point and will try to add them to my wardrobe in the near future.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Books I read lately #1


Let's talk about books shall we? Yes? Yes.
I am an avid reader so this section will be very common on my blog. I will put here all the books that I read, loved, been inspired by.
So lately I have read the 3 volumes of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.
I am still in awe for the way this written blends real life with imaginary. I loved every page of these 3 books, devoured all of them and when I finished them for few days I didn't touch any other book so that I grasp all the happenings from the story.
The story is actually a fine line that shows a love story between Aomame, which is opening the book with a murder, and Tengo, a math teacher. They have been colleagues in elementary school and shared together a life changing moment that was deep engraved in both their hearts.
The story is built from this and shows their evolution separate and how the real world easily fusions into an imaginary world with 2 moons on the sky.
I am not going to reveal the end. All I am saying is that these books were the best read from this summer.
And as I have just discovered Murakami I immediately bought and read After Dark - again I loved loved loved it. The entire action happens during one night in which several characters apparently with no connection between them start to show the fine lines that are build between each and everyone of them.
It seems to me I have anew favorite and I was totally sold after this book as well so I went in a book store and bought everything I saw from Murakami. So I have 5 new books from him that are waiting for me to dig in.

My advice - read them - it will take you out from your reality and you will find yourself in an amazing carousel.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Splurge/save #1

                                Celine                                                                                                   Zara

I just love the checked pattern very much, in all colors. They are on my top prints list for this fall and I am almost sure that I will be prancing around Zara and snag this little beauty. This sort of print is just coming back once in few years and I love how it looks each time I see it.

What's your fall print?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall pieces #1

Fur coat& cream sweater from H&M fall collection; rest of clothes from Zara new collection, Shoes Aldo Vanhoy, baubles and bag Accessorize.

I am just mesmerized with all the fall trends that are now flooding the stores. I must say that from the Fall presentations I loved the Celine, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang ones. They are just amazing. And I am super happy to see how Zara is showcasing very Celine-ish pieces that I am just craving for.

In my book, fall statement pieces are always:
- a great cashmere cream sweater
- checkered pants
- great cotton skirts
- grey coats
- amazing baubles to make each outfit pop

These are the main picks on my wishlist. I may have also thrown in a black/brown/grey basic sweaters, some colored stretchy pants and cool cream fall booties. But more on that soon, as some of them already made it to my wardrobe after some quicky on the shops.

What are your most favorite fall items?

Starting the morning right

I had an interesting morning start.

At home I had an interesting discussion about things that continue to hunt us even long after we believe we have put the behind us. The process of accepting and integrating an experience seems to be more deep that just facing an experience and dealing with it. We seem to need to be entirely conscious of the meaning of it, try to integrate the learning and the experience as a whole. Fighting with it will only part us from ourselves even more and still we will get to the point where we need to face it again and take it in.

When I got to the office, I had my girl out on the terrace for a small sip of coffee before we dig into work. Stress seems to surround us more and more be it in the office, at home or in different aspects of our lives. We seem to be living more and more complicated and even if we know that the most simplest things in life, and just being peaceful with oneself is what will balance our world, we still force ourselves to dive in the course of the river without our safety measures. 

I found a great quote today, I find it very fit: "Sometimes it's difficult not to get lost in one's own story. A sure sign that we are doing that, is when we start suffering from stress. Let's press the pause button for a few minutes and see what happens".

This is exactly what I am planning to do and its the same advise I gave my friend  Just stop and be. Within myself  I am always finding the answers, the happiness and the strength to tackle life and just soak it in and enjoy it.

So cheers to that friends! And to a great morning coffee!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hidden inside

I spent my Sunday at my mom's with my hubby and brother.
She lives in a different city and we don't regularly get to spend much time together, so 1 day visit/month is about as much as we get to spend together as family reunited. My dad has a contract in a different country so with we meet so far only on big celebrations like Xmas, Easter, my wedding...

I know that parents regularly, even if you moved out, tend to still be protective and be involved in most of your life as this is what keeps vivid the illusion in them that they still are there to back you up. And in most cases we let them, it is always nice to know your papa's little girl and if you mess up, parents are there for the rescue.

However this situation changes dramatically when you do get in a serious relationship. A small conflict of interests comes at first followed by endless discussions among the parents and just few hints to you as, of course  they do not want to upset you or the bf/husband - god forbid!

So the story changes, they are not the ones you turn to whenever your finger hurts or you have a headache or you got in a fight with your best friend or someone at work said something to you. They are not your first call anymore and they feel this as hard as a frontal hit. They are not the ones who will be asked first for an opinion and now most of the times they are already put in the situation of an already take decision, and even if its a good one, they still might comment on it as they were not at all involved. And this hurts them!

And this hurts you too to see your parents hurting because, let's be honest, a very small thing close to nothing. But for them an entire world is changing, is not about that small decision. They fell that they are losing bits of you, that you leave them for the other person. And on one level they are right. You are!

I have been with my parents through this, we had a long way up until here and we still have a good way ahead of us to reconcile. However much it may hurt me to see them down, I honesty believe that once you get into a family of your own, best way to keep everything balanced is to create some boundaries. In a new family both come with home baggage and its better to work on that and don't allow constant comebacks from an unset limit. They need to understand this and sometimes even we do.

It is a lifetime journey and every small acknowledgement is really a big step ahead. I love them, i show it to them but I am also firm in what my new family is concerned.

I just brought this up as each time I see my parents bits of me are reminded of this unseen, unsaid, unwanted, hidden inside struggle.

Friday, February 1, 2013

No man...

"No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying"

I read this in an article this morning and got thinking. Do I want my husband to know everything that I think or do I want him to understand everything I am thinking and not saying?

I am the kind of person that if I don't say something but I feel it it shows right on my face, I can rarely hide something or even lie. Sometimes I can get away with lying if I do it and run but most of the times I feel disgusted for it and it shows right on my face so my husband really knows my inner words even if I am not expressing them.

However sometimes it is frustrating that he reads me so well. I wish I had my share of thoughts without him either pointing to what I am thinking or to quiz me until I just give up and say. I am a firm believer that each woman needs her own private thoughts room where she can digest and know herself better before everything blurts out. I know that the above statement was dome basically to cover this forever topic that men do not understand women.

I think men understand women very well, they know the basic things that makes us feel better and the rest is just a life time journey of discovery. I mean I truly don't know myself all that good and even don't want to. I am extremely happy when I discover a new shade of myself rather than just knowing everything and most of the times I prefer to do that alone without my husband pointing it to my face. Most of the times you get to know yourself more in the situations that test a bit your limits. Well I prefer to be alone or at least to get my peaceful moment after it so I can understand better what triggers my reactions and what new side of me is there that I don't know.

But maybe that's just me. Or?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today I am going to...

Taking action is always better than doing nothing, I think.

I am in a state that keeps me a bit less creative, a bit less productive, a bit let happy, a bit let loving. I am in the state where I am probably having trouble to accepting what I am going through in this point.
So I am a bit low, and unwilling to make a step.

Therefore I decide I want to accept, I decide I am moving and trying each day something that will bring me back to myself a little more with each thing I do.

I am:
- going to create each day my outfit, take the time to do it and enjoy it, and not just throw clothes on me
- going to write each day of something that I read, like, even have a small opinion about it - I will put it down
- going to read each day something I really like
- going to remind myself to be calm, relaxed
- going to laugh when I hear a joke, but really laugh
- going to take all the time to nourish and cherish my body. I will gently wash it, rub it, indulge it and love it
- going to turn to my soul each time i feel i lost the way
- going to drink 2l of water and be more careful with my diet
- going to bring my contribution

I start today and this post is my writing about something I like!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turn to myslef

I have been living an ups and downs period lately and have moments when it's somehow hard to accept it. I am in a cold point with my work. There are days when I like it and feel comfortable about it and days when I receive an email that makes me all wondering if this is not the right time for me to move on.

Like so many things in life it is up to us to fight what we are going through or accept it. I thought I had accepted this but somehow I don't feel neither happy nor comfortable which hints me that I might be still in the accepting process.

Whenever I am feeling this low I try to stop and hunt back the things that made me feel ok. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Why not? Because I am referring to an old situation and in the mean time I have evolved and changed and the things that helped me some time ago might not help me now. We, human beans  evolve and change more often than we know or believe  Most of us think that from an age or period the people just stop changing or do it in a very small pace. I believe this is not true. Even the small things change us, the small happenings make us think and reflect on ourselves.

So right now I am in that point where I am not extremely happy nor am I really able to turn to a tried and proven way to make myself feel better. I think that I just might be very tired and unable to re-balance.
So I am turning to myself and try to ask what to do. I am sure the answer is in me, I need just to open my eyes to feel it...

What do you do in times like this?

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