Thursday, September 19, 2013

Starting the morning right

I had an interesting morning start.

At home I had an interesting discussion about things that continue to hunt us even long after we believe we have put the behind us. The process of accepting and integrating an experience seems to be more deep that just facing an experience and dealing with it. We seem to need to be entirely conscious of the meaning of it, try to integrate the learning and the experience as a whole. Fighting with it will only part us from ourselves even more and still we will get to the point where we need to face it again and take it in.

When I got to the office, I had my girl out on the terrace for a small sip of coffee before we dig into work. Stress seems to surround us more and more be it in the office, at home or in different aspects of our lives. We seem to be living more and more complicated and even if we know that the most simplest things in life, and just being peaceful with oneself is what will balance our world, we still force ourselves to dive in the course of the river without our safety measures. 

I found a great quote today, I find it very fit: "Sometimes it's difficult not to get lost in one's own story. A sure sign that we are doing that, is when we start suffering from stress. Let's press the pause button for a few minutes and see what happens".

This is exactly what I am planning to do and its the same advise I gave my friend  Just stop and be. Within myself  I am always finding the answers, the happiness and the strength to tackle life and just soak it in and enjoy it.

So cheers to that friends! And to a great morning coffee!

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