Thursday, February 20, 2014

Experiments talk - Balance

There is a word, a feeling that I tend to get quite often in the last few weeks - balance. It may come from the fact that maybe my life is not very balanced at this point, and having this word creeping into my mind daily is a good reminder to take a step back and look.

It is quite hard to find the perfect balance between work and life lately, as everything keeps coming from all directions and all things are deadly urgent and have the same priority (sigh). Long gone are the days when you shut down the moment you leave the office. Technology has us connected to work even in our bed, even in our dreams.

In times like this, I found there are few things that get me back on track and help me re-gain balance in my everyday life:

1. take a hot long bubbly fragrance-y bath when I get home - it releases the tension in my muscles, it makes my whole body feel better and generally more relaxed. When I finish I take my time and apply body butter, face cream - with gentle moves as if my body were something very fragile. Reconnecting with my body through deep care makes me get grounded on things that are closer to my heart. When I finish the whole ritual I feel 10 times better

2. cuddle in together with my husband and spend some quality moments of sharing and genuine love time. Getting closer to feel his smell, feel his arms around me, feel protected - best feeling in the world

3. end the evening by preparing a hot cup of relaxing tea and reading some pages from my current/favorite book

If I get home at 7, after all these are done, by 10 I am already in bed, but with a feeling so light and complete, as if I haven't even been to work that day. These 3 things have the power to clear my mind so deep that they literally move me in a totally different reality and they completely disconnect me from my daily thoughts.

I agree 100% with this quote!

What do you do to recreate balance?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I am inspired by

  • the simple yet very chic winter outfits. Getting dressed and yet look stylish or at least polished can be quite a challenge during winter months especially when snowing or when freezing. So I came to the conclusion that the best way to do it and still look great is to keep it as simple as possible. Combining nice and complementary colors is a really good way to break the dark colors pattern and enjoy the day in a bolder way.

  • combining different textures and styles - like this button front with the a regular sweatshirt and the furry bag. This bag is really adding a special touch to any regular outfit, I think I might just add one of these to my own bag collection

  • these shoes.... I love them! For a quite simple dresser like myself a statement shoe or bag or accessory for that matter is the piece that would really make an outfit pop. And these shoes are really up to the task. They are just amazing!

What inspiration do you find lately?

Images via sarastrand, theportablepackage, Pinterest

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Experiments talk - How to deal with personal doubts

Image from Pinterest

There are days when you feel great about yourself and the entire universe is aligned to support you in that thought. Those days are the ones in which you are centered and in peace with yourself, in which your happiness is unaltered and in which your higher scopes are above the limiting nature of human been.

But then there are also those terrible days when you feel that every single thing you do is wrong or it just doesn't have the right feeling. And you have this emotion of unease in your whole body and it doesn't seem to get any better no matter how many things you do, it seems to only get better when you stop.

I have noticed this morning, as I am experiencing this feeling that I am not doing the right thing and that my general state is not where it should be, that we are bound to think in the good or bad/right or wrong pattern. We don't see our acts like experiences but yet we hurry to put them in small jars - if the jar is labeled good than we feel fantastic, but if the jar is called  bad we feel shitty. Why is that?

We have been thought for thousands of years that our acts are merely good and bad and we were distracted from understanding what our actions really stand for, and rather forced to improve the bad labeled acts and move them in the good jar. 

Things are changing so rapidly right now, the world is evolving at a pace like never before, and if we do not stop and see our acts as enriching experiences, from which we have something to learn about ourselves, we will end up getting caught in this huge mechanism without knowing what hit us. By habit we will think we did something good or bad without actually really knowing what and especially why. 

So I am now taking this time to analyze myself and understand where this feeling is coming from, what part of myself is not truly happy and centered and why. I am convinced that what I will find out will push me out of my comfort zone - but isn't this how we learn the most amazing things about ourselves?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 thoughts on relationships

Only 3 you ask?

Yes, I will limit myself to only that as at this point the whole internet is flooding with all sorts of articles related to relationships, partners, love, what to buy for valentines day, how to spend it, what to get, what lists to make - you name it, everything is out there. So I am keeping things brief and simple here, not to be redundant.

We seem to be so deeply involved in the things that surround us, in our jobs, in the people that we meet, in our meetings, in our projects - trying to meet all the deadlines, trying to do a great job and be a great person, only to come home and be exhausted of all these things. And expect that our better half will not only be quiet and understand but also support, cherish, do everything we say and think...and the list goes on. I am that person, or better said - I used to be that person who is making an effort to change.

Among the many articles I saw written these days I came to think, if there were 3 things that I personally have done to have a better relationship with my husband and that I would share further as advises, these would be:

  • LISTEN - I know we generally say we do listen to our half, but do we really listen listen? I came to realize I didn't - and I have been told by people that I do, well turns out that no. How do I know that now? Well during some of our arguments I lately have noticed that we both react in a much better way when we dont point who's to blame but rather acknowledge it is a common fault and try to make steps ahead to change things. Before I would have never done that because i was quite busy in pointing to him all that I thought was wrong and never stop to listen to him or to see how he reacts - and I soon realized that in this way nothing changed, so I stopped and listened and found the best way of who to make things better.

  • ACT AS A TEAM, not as separate people. From the moment you decided to be together you are both becoming 1 team, 1 entity - you are working for the same goals. Stop for a second and think about this. When something is not happening according to your needs don't rush and put the blame but think first: what generated this action, why am I reacting in this way - which part of me is hurt, is it worth it? Answer those questions first and you will soon get to realize that half of the "problems" were nonsense. You will no longer feel the need to blame but rather stop, understand and get to know yourself better.

  • BE SUPPORTIVE as many times as it is needed, regardless of the time during the day or night. The moments of pure and unaltered happiness and the moments of when you tend to one another are the ones that truly put the bricks stronger together. Being supportive is immensely rewarding - you always see the most vulnerable part in the other that makes you love him/her even more, you are there for him offering moments to cherish and above all you are there to show him that he is not alone, he is with you! For me these are the moments when I see my husband in a way that make me fall in love even deeper and if I am able to help him even with the smallest thing I feel as if I touched heavens.
What are your advises?

Monday, February 10, 2014

4 easy but reward full things you can do for yourself

I had a crazy busy week filled with many many things to do at work, travelling to Warsaw, meetings and long night hours - by Friday I was finished and all I could think of was how can I get faster to bed.

These periods make me crave to pay more attention to myself and just try to find a way to make the craziness of the outside world affect the inner one as little as possible. During the days that I am travelling I am very keen on hydrating as much as possible, eat as healthy as I can in given circumstances, try to bring the clothes that I know I love and feel good in - just those small things that make my stay away as clan and true to myself as possible. I know how easily you can forget to drink water, eat healthy when you are with lots of people dinning and talking about work - it happened to me so many times before and I always ended up feeling bad about myself. But I realized that nothing will really change unless I make those small steps to change myself - and now I am trying to be extra careful about these things.

Coming back to the point of my post, this weekend I tried to do those things that make me happy and help me reconnect  with myself  and unwind from the busy week that has finished.

For me, to feel good, happy and peaceful there are always 4 things that I do (I am very low maintenance) and they always bring me back on track:
  • I try to keep my house clean - it helps me think straight, it helps me curl in my favorite places and relax - a clean house means a clear mind 

  • After my house looks good and smells fresh from new flowers and from the crisp winter air, I pour myself a cup of coffee or tea and start browsing my favorite magazines and maybe even read a book. I always, but always, feel soo peaceful that I don't even remember the whirlwind of the week I had. Reading a book with coffee/tea is probably the most relaxing activity I can think of (besides a good massage that is).

  • Every once in 2 weeks I meet some of my girlfriends and we go out for a treat. This weekend 3 of us met and we went to do a quick mani session and talk about things in general. It feels just so good to talk about life, about women's small pleasures, things we love, what sweater to buy, what jeans to wear etc. I know these might sound frivolous topics but trust me, after 1 week full of work - all those brainless topics are food for the soul.
Can you guess which color is mine?

  • I usually try to save 15-20 minutes daily for a small "meditation" moment. I actually try to sit in peace and calm from inside. It makes me feel better, feel happier and calmer. I know meditation might sound pretentious but I cannot say enough times how important is just to keep few minutes everyday to enjoy your own company, to review what you have found new and learned during the day, what made you happy, what made you sad. Hands down, this is the best method I have found to get to know myself better and to stay connected to my inner feelings and desires. After 15 or so minutes I feel like new again.

If I had to summarize in few words what I am trying to say it's just to generally be positive. We live in times of fast change and it always seems that everything around us move with the speed of light, I know I find myself thinking that way a lot of times lately. Keeping a positive attitude towards everything that comes during the day makes me a much happier person. And at night, when I try to clean away the day it is much much easier. 

All images via Pinterest

Wishing you a positive and accomplishing week ahead!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Deco experiments #2 - Wooden pieces

Lately I have been inspired by all things woody and that might give me the smallest glimpse of inside nature.
I love the wooden boxes that carry different colored and textured throws, different candles and maybe even flower vases in them.

I also find very inspiring the below arrangement of keeping actual flower bulbs in special glasses - in this way they last much longer than normal cut flowers and are truly a very eye catching piece. I also love the fact that the flowers can be re-planted afterwards, for me to be able to do that is very important.

And last, but not least, the below image speaks peace and meditation to me. It is very important nowadays to allow ourselves to breathe for even 15/30 min per day in solitude. It is our own special moment to try to reconnect with who we really are and gain back our focus on what we should really do. 
For me, these moments are very important, and if I am able to make a special nook where I can just be for 30 min that is amazing. I am a firm believer that the space you are in, and how it looks is a true mirror of your inside world, the cleaner and cozier the better for the mind and soul. 
I like the clean and crisp arrangement of white and different nuances of cream/nude. It feels very fresh and pure, very comfy and welcoming, it looks like a true spot to reconnect.

What are your favorite colors for quite places?

Monday, February 3, 2014

What is better: dating or moving in?

Image via Pinterest

I was having a talk the other day with my girlfriend over our relations and generally how they start and evolve. It came to the point were we concluded that in our times we just don't date anymore.
I mean, I have moved with my, back then, boyfriend from the first day we decided to be together (long story to be told some other time) and she has moved with her boyfriend quite quick also.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What I did after a tiring week...

I had quite a busy and tiring week and come Friday I felt exhausted with the only wish and will to sleep. I couldn't react to any plan or idea, all I wanted to do is rest my body - and rest i did - the best thing that has happened to me. With that in mind, my only real plan for the weekend was to sleep some more, relax, read and indulge in some good coffee and sweets.

Which is in fact exactly what I did.

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