Thursday, February 20, 2014

Experiments talk - Balance

There is a word, a feeling that I tend to get quite often in the last few weeks - balance. It may come from the fact that maybe my life is not very balanced at this point, and having this word creeping into my mind daily is a good reminder to take a step back and look.

It is quite hard to find the perfect balance between work and life lately, as everything keeps coming from all directions and all things are deadly urgent and have the same priority (sigh). Long gone are the days when you shut down the moment you leave the office. Technology has us connected to work even in our bed, even in our dreams.

In times like this, I found there are few things that get me back on track and help me re-gain balance in my everyday life:

1. take a hot long bubbly fragrance-y bath when I get home - it releases the tension in my muscles, it makes my whole body feel better and generally more relaxed. When I finish I take my time and apply body butter, face cream - with gentle moves as if my body were something very fragile. Reconnecting with my body through deep care makes me get grounded on things that are closer to my heart. When I finish the whole ritual I feel 10 times better

2. cuddle in together with my husband and spend some quality moments of sharing and genuine love time. Getting closer to feel his smell, feel his arms around me, feel protected - best feeling in the world

3. end the evening by preparing a hot cup of relaxing tea and reading some pages from my current/favorite book

If I get home at 7, after all these are done, by 10 I am already in bed, but with a feeling so light and complete, as if I haven't even been to work that day. These 3 things have the power to clear my mind so deep that they literally move me in a totally different reality and they completely disconnect me from my daily thoughts.

I agree 100% with this quote!

What do you do to recreate balance?

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