Sunday, February 2, 2014

What I did after a tiring week...

I had quite a busy and tiring week and come Friday I felt exhausted with the only wish and will to sleep. I couldn't react to any plan or idea, all I wanted to do is rest my body - and rest i did - the best thing that has happened to me. With that in mind, my only real plan for the weekend was to sleep some more, relax, read and indulge in some good coffee and sweets.

Which is in fact exactly what I did.

  • I started my Saturday at 11:00 and had brunch in with my husband. We took the time to indulge in great home made coffee and toasted eggs. We talked and talked, as if we just met after few weeks apart - it was great for our relation and my soul. We both had busy weeks and, although we share the same bed, it felt as if we were miles away. That moment on Saturday morning we both came back home.

  • Later on I managed to get some time for myself, I went to the beauty saloon, got a bit of pampering and a massage subscription for the next period - even made the first appointment. When I got home I browsed and arranged my magazines, got some nice inspo images that I hung in my dresser, cleaned and cleared my cosmetic bag and actually took the time to organize my products in small groups of eye shades, lipsticks, blushers, brushes etc etc - never did this before, it made me quite happy.

  • Late afternoon and this morning were reserved for reading and for staying in bed to read. I am currently absorbing every word from Orhan Pamuk's opera My name is Red. It is quite an interesting book with an extremely well written perspective that gets shared by multiple characters (more on that in another post) 

  • We took our brunch at Paul, a lovely french bistro, enjoyed coffee, omelette and gourmandise - ended by having a small walk around and got home during afternoon.

Now, at 6 pm I am ready for my bubble bath to relax each and every muscle in my body, to give in to the scents that will envelope me and just pamper, nourish and love my entire body. Perfect way to end the weekend and perfect way to gear up freshly for the week ahead, which implies lots of work and some abroad traveling half of the week.

All in all a great great weekend, I feel refreshed!
Friends, how did you spent your weekend?

Wishing you all a great and easy week ahead!

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