Friday, January 24, 2014

Thoughts on friendship

I came to think over the last week about the friendship between women.
I know that sometimes it can be the most strongest thing that exists and supports you like a concrete pillar, but sometimes it can be as sensitive as a blooming spring tulip.

My best friend I and go 6 years back and in this period we changed jobs, changed friends, changed houses, changed men, changed ourselves so much... I care about her so deeply that, in give situations, I could be capable of doing many things. I am not able to say this about many people in my life, but she is something special.

The other day, she was not in her best mood and somehow she ended up talking her problem with one of our colleagues. Somehow I got sad that she didn't turn to me and this feeling just hunted me for few days until I just sat down and let it manifest so I can understand what part of myself was affected by her action.

I understood that deep inside me I had expectations from her, that she will always turn to me, that I will always be her first contact point. But this is just so wrong. A long lasting friendship is not built on expectations but on unconditional love and support for each other.

I know that now, I understood it, I let this understanding envelop me so I can be a better person and an even better friend because in the end all I want for her is to be happy, and whatever will help her do that makes me happy as well.

Sometimes just understanding these things can be so very hard. But with each new experience I learn new things about life and newer things about myself. I need to open myself more and encourage her, be with her no matter her choices, and not have expectations that can put a burden on our friendship.

I have told her tonight that I will always be there for her... And by the way tonight she surprised me with the best birthday gift ever - a relaxing massage sesh, sauna and girl talk!

Thoughts on friendship?

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