Thursday, January 23, 2014

I am inspired by...

  •  the simplicity of the outfit or rather I should say I am inspired by the attitude with which these simple pieces are worn

  • the many many truths this quote is speaking about. In the life of a woman there are so many amazing things to do for herself and for the people around her. There are so many ways for a woman to be and to discover her true nature, so many trials and errors, so many moments when she is a mother, a lover, a daughter, a mistress, a baby in need of protection. It is a state of perpetual search of who we are and how we transpose our true nature in reality...

  • the freedom and peace and happiness that this image makes me feel, all in the same time. It is like I want to escape the moment I am now to take a bitter taste of a free reality. The suitcase and black heels waiting for me while I take in all the beauty and openness of the sea

  • these 3 wonderful words that should be the mantra that I should repeat to myself on a daily basis. I should live, love and laugh every second of my life so that these moments here seem worth the trouble (on a side note I am thinking to tattoo these words on my body, maybe they will stick)

  • the great way amazing books are displayed. I am an avid reader, this passion of mine has gone way past just simple pleasure - up to the point where i could spend all my days reading. Seeing this image just was a nice reminder for me of  the small things that I truly love and treasure - it made me smile in anticipation

All photos from Pinterest

  • the magnetism this image sends. It speaks beauty, harmony but in the same time I can almost feel the vibrant city and life rummaging around this out-of-time beautiful spot. I see myself drinking my Saturday morning coffee in this little spot and day dreaming of my next life adventure

What are you inspired by friends?

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