Friday, January 17, 2014

Today I like...

  • the open windows leading to a green spring-ish gardent, the crisp air refreshing the room, the flowery smell of a new beginning and my supposedly will to just get out of my comfort zone and try the world - this is what I believe I would do on a very spring-y day

  • the very clean look of this lady - neutral basic, beloved stripes, brown bag, grey hat, well taken care of hair and intense red lipstick - it feels that all simplicity in built in one - yet it speaks so much to me in many many ways - Simple is the new sexy - I would go out like this in spring

  • the image of 2 best girlfriends, equally fashionable but oh-so different. I even see myself with my best girl going out to a coffee on an early Saturday morning, both eager to see each other after a long working week. We would sit near the window or outside, we would sip our coffees and share a cigarette. We would talk about work, about men, about our houses, about work some more and about ourselves - we constantly try to understand ourselves. We would definitely do this on a crisp spring morning.

  • the flirtatious feel that the S/S 14 Isabel Marant collection has. The muted pastel colors, the flow-y materials, the obsessive lace and silk - I see myself wearing these pieces while going out to buy flowers and to do grocery shopping with my man.

Happy Friday!
What do you like today...?

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