Friday, January 24, 2014

Thoughts on friendship

I came to think over the last week about the friendship between women.
I know that sometimes it can be the most strongest thing that exists and supports you like a concrete pillar, but sometimes it can be as sensitive as a blooming spring tulip.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I am inspired by...

  •  the simplicity of the outfit or rather I should say I am inspired by the attitude with which these simple pieces are worn

  • the many many truths this quote is speaking about. In the life of a woman there are so many amazing things to do for herself and for the people around her. There are so many ways for a woman to be and to discover her true nature, so many trials and errors, so many moments when she is a mother, a lover, a daughter, a mistress, a baby in need of protection. It is a state of perpetual search of who we are and how we transpose our true nature in reality...

  • the freedom and peace and happiness that this image makes me feel, all in the same time. It is like I want to escape the moment I am now to take a bitter taste of a free reality. The suitcase and black heels waiting for me while I take in all the beauty and openness of the sea

  • these 3 wonderful words that should be the mantra that I should repeat to myself on a daily basis. I should live, love and laugh every second of my life so that these moments here seem worth the trouble (on a side note I am thinking to tattoo these words on my body, maybe they will stick)

  • the great way amazing books are displayed. I am an avid reader, this passion of mine has gone way past just simple pleasure - up to the point where i could spend all my days reading. Seeing this image just was a nice reminder for me of  the small things that I truly love and treasure - it made me smile in anticipation

All photos from Pinterest

  • the magnetism this image sends. It speaks beauty, harmony but in the same time I can almost feel the vibrant city and life rummaging around this out-of-time beautiful spot. I see myself drinking my Saturday morning coffee in this little spot and day dreaming of my next life adventure

What are you inspired by friends?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Deco experiments #1

How I love a crisp white deco inspiration!! 

White walls are the perfect canvas to start drawing your own preferences towards the things that you place in your house - white walls just seem to go with everything. White add-ons make the room look extra fresh, darker colors add edge and the list goes on.

In my house the walls are cream, so the general feeling is quite cozy, warm, welcoming - i love it - it just has the power to erase my whole day. When I sit in my couch with a cup of tea and dimmed lights around, candles and warm colors - I just enter my other reality where happiness, harmony and peace rule:)

However, lately I find myself collecting images with white deco inspiration. It just feels so fresh and so genuine, so pure. Maybe one day i will decide to remodel the entire house..maybe..

So, white or color?

All images via Tumblr

Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 stands for...

Never too late for putting down some intentional thoughts for this year...
So my 2014 stands for:

  • paying more attention to me: what I feel, what i want, how I evolve, what my steps are, where I want to be
  • paying more attention to my body: what do I need to know, what do I need to do, how do i listen to it better, how do I love it more
  • taking steps ahead at work: learn more, try more, leave my comfort zone just to take few steps   outside, risk more, listen more
  • write more

All in all this year I want to put myself in focus, I want to balance more my work with my free time, to read more, learn more, understand myself more, learn my goods, my bads, my limits. Just feel myself more, listen to myself more, be dedicated to myself more instead looking at others that might resemble just a bit with me - i want to just get to know me better...

Any thoughts for 2014?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Today I like...

  • the open windows leading to a green spring-ish gardent, the crisp air refreshing the room, the flowery smell of a new beginning and my supposedly will to just get out of my comfort zone and try the world - this is what I believe I would do on a very spring-y day

  • the very clean look of this lady - neutral basic, beloved stripes, brown bag, grey hat, well taken care of hair and intense red lipstick - it feels that all simplicity in built in one - yet it speaks so much to me in many many ways - Simple is the new sexy - I would go out like this in spring

  • the image of 2 best girlfriends, equally fashionable but oh-so different. I even see myself with my best girl going out to a coffee on an early Saturday morning, both eager to see each other after a long working week. We would sit near the window or outside, we would sip our coffees and share a cigarette. We would talk about work, about men, about our houses, about work some more and about ourselves - we constantly try to understand ourselves. We would definitely do this on a crisp spring morning.

  • the flirtatious feel that the S/S 14 Isabel Marant collection has. The muted pastel colors, the flow-y materials, the obsessive lace and silk - I see myself wearing these pieces while going out to buy flowers and to do grocery shopping with my man.

Happy Friday!
What do you like today...?

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