Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Deco experiments #1

How I love a crisp white deco inspiration!! 

White walls are the perfect canvas to start drawing your own preferences towards the things that you place in your house - white walls just seem to go with everything. White add-ons make the room look extra fresh, darker colors add edge and the list goes on.

In my house the walls are cream, so the general feeling is quite cozy, warm, welcoming - i love it - it just has the power to erase my whole day. When I sit in my couch with a cup of tea and dimmed lights around, candles and warm colors - I just enter my other reality where happiness, harmony and peace rule:)

However, lately I find myself collecting images with white deco inspiration. It just feels so fresh and so genuine, so pure. Maybe one day i will decide to remodel the entire house..maybe..

So, white or color?

All images via Tumblr

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