Monday, February 10, 2014

4 easy but reward full things you can do for yourself

I had a crazy busy week filled with many many things to do at work, travelling to Warsaw, meetings and long night hours - by Friday I was finished and all I could think of was how can I get faster to bed.

These periods make me crave to pay more attention to myself and just try to find a way to make the craziness of the outside world affect the inner one as little as possible. During the days that I am travelling I am very keen on hydrating as much as possible, eat as healthy as I can in given circumstances, try to bring the clothes that I know I love and feel good in - just those small things that make my stay away as clan and true to myself as possible. I know how easily you can forget to drink water, eat healthy when you are with lots of people dinning and talking about work - it happened to me so many times before and I always ended up feeling bad about myself. But I realized that nothing will really change unless I make those small steps to change myself - and now I am trying to be extra careful about these things.

Coming back to the point of my post, this weekend I tried to do those things that make me happy and help me reconnect  with myself  and unwind from the busy week that has finished.

For me, to feel good, happy and peaceful there are always 4 things that I do (I am very low maintenance) and they always bring me back on track:
  • I try to keep my house clean - it helps me think straight, it helps me curl in my favorite places and relax - a clean house means a clear mind 

  • After my house looks good and smells fresh from new flowers and from the crisp winter air, I pour myself a cup of coffee or tea and start browsing my favorite magazines and maybe even read a book. I always, but always, feel soo peaceful that I don't even remember the whirlwind of the week I had. Reading a book with coffee/tea is probably the most relaxing activity I can think of (besides a good massage that is).

  • Every once in 2 weeks I meet some of my girlfriends and we go out for a treat. This weekend 3 of us met and we went to do a quick mani session and talk about things in general. It feels just so good to talk about life, about women's small pleasures, things we love, what sweater to buy, what jeans to wear etc. I know these might sound frivolous topics but trust me, after 1 week full of work - all those brainless topics are food for the soul.
Can you guess which color is mine?

  • I usually try to save 15-20 minutes daily for a small "meditation" moment. I actually try to sit in peace and calm from inside. It makes me feel better, feel happier and calmer. I know meditation might sound pretentious but I cannot say enough times how important is just to keep few minutes everyday to enjoy your own company, to review what you have found new and learned during the day, what made you happy, what made you sad. Hands down, this is the best method I have found to get to know myself better and to stay connected to my inner feelings and desires. After 15 or so minutes I feel like new again.

If I had to summarize in few words what I am trying to say it's just to generally be positive. We live in times of fast change and it always seems that everything around us move with the speed of light, I know I find myself thinking that way a lot of times lately. Keeping a positive attitude towards everything that comes during the day makes me a much happier person. And at night, when I try to clean away the day it is much much easier. 

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Wishing you a positive and accomplishing week ahead!

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