Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Deco experiments #2 - Wooden pieces

Lately I have been inspired by all things woody and that might give me the smallest glimpse of inside nature.
I love the wooden boxes that carry different colored and textured throws, different candles and maybe even flower vases in them.

I also find very inspiring the below arrangement of keeping actual flower bulbs in special glasses - in this way they last much longer than normal cut flowers and are truly a very eye catching piece. I also love the fact that the flowers can be re-planted afterwards, for me to be able to do that is very important.

And last, but not least, the below image speaks peace and meditation to me. It is very important nowadays to allow ourselves to breathe for even 15/30 min per day in solitude. It is our own special moment to try to reconnect with who we really are and gain back our focus on what we should really do. 
For me, these moments are very important, and if I am able to make a special nook where I can just be for 30 min that is amazing. I am a firm believer that the space you are in, and how it looks is a true mirror of your inside world, the cleaner and cozier the better for the mind and soul. 
I like the clean and crisp arrangement of white and different nuances of cream/nude. It feels very fresh and pure, very comfy and welcoming, it looks like a true spot to reconnect.

What are your favorite colors for quite places?

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