Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Experiments talk - How to deal with personal doubts

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There are days when you feel great about yourself and the entire universe is aligned to support you in that thought. Those days are the ones in which you are centered and in peace with yourself, in which your happiness is unaltered and in which your higher scopes are above the limiting nature of human been.

But then there are also those terrible days when you feel that every single thing you do is wrong or it just doesn't have the right feeling. And you have this emotion of unease in your whole body and it doesn't seem to get any better no matter how many things you do, it seems to only get better when you stop.

I have noticed this morning, as I am experiencing this feeling that I am not doing the right thing and that my general state is not where it should be, that we are bound to think in the good or bad/right or wrong pattern. We don't see our acts like experiences but yet we hurry to put them in small jars - if the jar is labeled good than we feel fantastic, but if the jar is called  bad we feel shitty. Why is that?

We have been thought for thousands of years that our acts are merely good and bad and we were distracted from understanding what our actions really stand for, and rather forced to improve the bad labeled acts and move them in the good jar. 

Things are changing so rapidly right now, the world is evolving at a pace like never before, and if we do not stop and see our acts as enriching experiences, from which we have something to learn about ourselves, we will end up getting caught in this huge mechanism without knowing what hit us. By habit we will think we did something good or bad without actually really knowing what and especially why. 

So I am now taking this time to analyze myself and understand where this feeling is coming from, what part of myself is not truly happy and centered and why. I am convinced that what I will find out will push me out of my comfort zone - but isn't this how we learn the most amazing things about ourselves?

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