Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Experiments talk: Don't fight your body

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Thought of the day: Don't fight your body!

Our body is extremely intelligent and it tells us all the time when something is not right. All we have to do is listen. But this is the hardest part as we are not taught how to listen to our body, most over we are pushed to learn to control it without understanding it. 

The general tendency is to actually fight the symptoms we feel, to fight the bad mood, the general stress and exhaustion feeling or to trick it with few quick small things we believe will fix things.  But actually our body is telling us to stop and listen to it, nourish it, be patient with it, love it and in this way we manage to reconnect with it and help our body to recharge and get back to normal functioning.

When we are centered and we feel the interior peace our body will exude happiness and comfort. Our body is the physical reflection of our interior. The better we are on the inside the happier we look on the outside. Our continuous pressure to control all the bits in our life is most of the times damaging our relation with out body, not to mention exhausting. Sometimes the best is to let things flow their own way and enjoy this ride called life. Putting pressure on ourselves to fix everything will create immense frustration as we cannot actually control the things that happen to us. We can influence, but cannot control. We can set our direction, but cannot predict the steps. We lose all the beautiful small things that happen just because we are always focused on the next thing. We fight our brain, we fight our body, we end up fighting our own life, when we could just accept our reality and change our perception from within. There is almost nothing in the exterior that is not a reflection of what we have inside. We feel fear, we get fear. We feel love, we get love. We send and feel love for our body, it loves us back. It took me ages to come to this.

So, don't fight your body, don't fight your mind, but rather take 30 minutes tonight and wash it gently, nourish it with great scented creams, wear some cozy pjs, make a good lavender tea and take your book while sipping for a while. You will wake up a new person tomorrow!#loveyourbody

What do you think friends? How do you treat your body when it doesn't go the way to expect it?


  1. Great post, i will head over to Pinterest and checkout your pins.

  2. As Osho said, observe all the things, rather than getting immersed in anything............

  3. Yes, I agree, how we are on the outside is a reflection of the inside. And, yes, we need to be good to ourselves and nourish our existence. I don't always remember this...


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