Thursday, September 26, 2013

Books I read lately #1


Let's talk about books shall we? Yes? Yes.
I am an avid reader so this section will be very common on my blog. I will put here all the books that I read, loved, been inspired by.
So lately I have read the 3 volumes of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.
I am still in awe for the way this written blends real life with imaginary. I loved every page of these 3 books, devoured all of them and when I finished them for few days I didn't touch any other book so that I grasp all the happenings from the story.
The story is actually a fine line that shows a love story between Aomame, which is opening the book with a murder, and Tengo, a math teacher. They have been colleagues in elementary school and shared together a life changing moment that was deep engraved in both their hearts.
The story is built from this and shows their evolution separate and how the real world easily fusions into an imaginary world with 2 moons on the sky.
I am not going to reveal the end. All I am saying is that these books were the best read from this summer.
And as I have just discovered Murakami I immediately bought and read After Dark - again I loved loved loved it. The entire action happens during one night in which several characters apparently with no connection between them start to show the fine lines that are build between each and everyone of them.
It seems to me I have anew favorite and I was totally sold after this book as well so I went in a book store and bought everything I saw from Murakami. So I have 5 new books from him that are waiting for me to dig in.

My advice - read them - it will take you out from your reality and you will find yourself in an amazing carousel.

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