Friday, February 1, 2013

No man...

"No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying"

I read this in an article this morning and got thinking. Do I want my husband to know everything that I think or do I want him to understand everything I am thinking and not saying?

I am the kind of person that if I don't say something but I feel it it shows right on my face, I can rarely hide something or even lie. Sometimes I can get away with lying if I do it and run but most of the times I feel disgusted for it and it shows right on my face so my husband really knows my inner words even if I am not expressing them.

However sometimes it is frustrating that he reads me so well. I wish I had my share of thoughts without him either pointing to what I am thinking or to quiz me until I just give up and say. I am a firm believer that each woman needs her own private thoughts room where she can digest and know herself better before everything blurts out. I know that the above statement was dome basically to cover this forever topic that men do not understand women.

I think men understand women very well, they know the basic things that makes us feel better and the rest is just a life time journey of discovery. I mean I truly don't know myself all that good and even don't want to. I am extremely happy when I discover a new shade of myself rather than just knowing everything and most of the times I prefer to do that alone without my husband pointing it to my face. Most of the times you get to know yourself more in the situations that test a bit your limits. Well I prefer to be alone or at least to get my peaceful moment after it so I can understand better what triggers my reactions and what new side of me is there that I don't know.

But maybe that's just me. Or?

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