Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today I am going to...

Taking action is always better than doing nothing, I think.

I am in a state that keeps me a bit less creative, a bit less productive, a bit let happy, a bit let loving. I am in the state where I am probably having trouble to accepting what I am going through in this point.
So I am a bit low, and unwilling to make a step.

Therefore I decide I want to accept, I decide I am moving and trying each day something that will bring me back to myself a little more with each thing I do.

I am:
- going to create each day my outfit, take the time to do it and enjoy it, and not just throw clothes on me
- going to write each day of something that I read, like, even have a small opinion about it - I will put it down
- going to read each day something I really like
- going to remind myself to be calm, relaxed
- going to laugh when I hear a joke, but really laugh
- going to take all the time to nourish and cherish my body. I will gently wash it, rub it, indulge it and love it
- going to turn to my soul each time i feel i lost the way
- going to drink 2l of water and be more careful with my diet
- going to bring my contribution

I start today and this post is my writing about something I like!

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