Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turn to myslef

I have been living an ups and downs period lately and have moments when it's somehow hard to accept it. I am in a cold point with my work. There are days when I like it and feel comfortable about it and days when I receive an email that makes me all wondering if this is not the right time for me to move on.

Like so many things in life it is up to us to fight what we are going through or accept it. I thought I had accepted this but somehow I don't feel neither happy nor comfortable which hints me that I might be still in the accepting process.

Whenever I am feeling this low I try to stop and hunt back the things that made me feel ok. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Why not? Because I am referring to an old situation and in the mean time I have evolved and changed and the things that helped me some time ago might not help me now. We, human beans  evolve and change more often than we know or believe  Most of us think that from an age or period the people just stop changing or do it in a very small pace. I believe this is not true. Even the small things change us, the small happenings make us think and reflect on ourselves.

So right now I am in that point where I am not extremely happy nor am I really able to turn to a tried and proven way to make myself feel better. I think that I just might be very tired and unable to re-balance.
So I am turning to myself and try to ask what to do. I am sure the answer is in me, I need just to open my eyes to feel it...

What do you do in times like this?

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