Monday, December 10, 2012

The first snow

Caught up in the never ending small personal office drama I forgot to look around and be happy for I have and for what surrounds me.

Yesterday evening I went with my hubby to the movies, we saw the beautiful Cloud Atlas. The movie is great, deep and has beautiful put in place scenes. I truly recommend it. It got me thinking to the eternity of human soul and the lives that we pass together with others until we learn/solve what we came for. The movie has a great way of showing how souls come together from life to life to fall in love again and go through the lessons that they have to learn together and how this karmic cycle repeats itself until each soul has learned the lesson and got free from the cycle. This sort of thinking gives life a whole new perspective and makes us pay more attention to everything that happens to us as all experiences are part of what we are supposed to learn here and also brings the nice thought that death is just "a door" to a new room, as one of the characters puts it. I found this movie revealing.

After the movie ended we went out for the parking lot just to see beautiful snowflakes coming from up above. There was no sign of snow during the day so the enchanting view was a magical surprise. It was beautiful and the feeling inside was beyond words. It made me actually see what the world is about and how I need to get through my issues faster and not let them capture me as I am losing sight from all the beauty while captive in my mind.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful snow blanket, the air was crisp fresh, the view was white and light-y, I felt amazed. If this is not beauty than what is?

I felt compelled to write this today as I personally went through an internal struggle for the past few weeks and I felt emptied after I managed to raise my head out of it. Now I am light and joyful and amazed by the wonders around me.

I hope you feel this way as well. There isn't a more beautiful reward than the peace of the mind and soul after you understand...

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