Tuesday, December 4, 2012


How do we feel about being away from home, being away from our beloved, our roots?

I feel that each time we leave our home, be that for a business trip or other reasons, the established patterns are broken. In a foreign place we feel compelled to behave differently and our daily habits are somehow put aside automatically to make place for the new routine. Ne place new routine.

I am just wondering just how good is such thing? Most of the people around me say that small distance from time to time from you daily life always brings novelty, come with a range of feelings that make worship more what you have and when you come back you are still in the worshiping mode for few days. than everything comes back to normal again.

I cant help but ask why do we behave like that? Why is it in our DNA to cherish things after we miss them and we we cannot do that all the time? Why do we get bored or why do we stop showing our half that we care deeply about him/her in daily base? The love we have is supposed to be the same if travelling or not so why don't we show it like we do when we are away?

I am today away from home and miss my husband, house, cat like hell. I normally show my wife-y love as much as I can but when i am away and come back the only thing I do is show love. I want to promise myself to act like this all the time but I am sure that this will not happen. But what I can do is try to show more of that than I usually do. I have been away many times but however it is this time I am mature enough to realize and push myself to not b taken in my the routine.

So here I am...

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