Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fashion Experiments - Dress like the French do

I think it is safe to say that we all envy at some point the way French women dress - simple, casual yet very chic and effortless. They adore the comfort and the single thing that most French women have in common is attitude. No matter how simplistic they dress, everything they put on gets an instant chic update because of their own way of being - very independent and full of trust in themselves. 

I have rounded up my favorite tricks and items for getting that chic french vibe. Add to that your most secure and self conscious attitude and you're good to go.

  • ballet flats and white shirt - they give an instant casual yet very seductive feel to any look. Add a daring red lip and cat eye sunglasses. 
  • sneakers and blazer - a great combo that is truly specific for french women. It's unexpected and yet very stylish. Rosy cheeks, nude or light pink lips, brown shades - they should be your perfect accessories for this look.

  • and of course the symbolic item of French dressing - the bretton top, especially matched with either ankle length black pants and birks or with baggy jeans and heels - true Parisian match. Add red or pale lipstick to complete the look, shades and a cool bag and you're done.

French women, while dressing very easy and simple, they gravitate a lot towards those statement pieces that make any outfit pop. You will regularity find a Parisian wither wearing the latest designer bag, the coolest shoes in town - all paired with red lips and perfect manicure. The true epitome of chic dressing.

Below some really french-like outfits, and at the bottom of the post some french fashion bloggers worth following. Enjoy and get inspired!


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And some nice french bloggers to check out:

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