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Beauty talk - Taking care of acne skin

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Lately I have been experiencing really hard skin breakouts. I admit to have given up to certain things that may have held my hormones at peace, but now my whole body is generally better and clean. However, now everything shows up on my face since there is nothing to pose a barrier anymore. 

I have researched for several months high and low, tried both natural, processed, dermatological products that I read about, but somehow nothing really helped. 

One evening I read an article on how oily/combination skin usually gets the wrong treatment - and this got me curious. It seems, and I confirm for being guilty of, that we tend to treat the acne skin like a war zone. We use all abrasive products, mattifying products and we end of with oily skin on the inside and matte on the outside - and this is not at all solving the problem. The more we use products that dry the skin from outside, the more our body believes that there is not enough sebum produced to protect it - so it goes on and produce some more - and there you have it - the never ending circle of sebum production and no quick fix at hand.

The doctor in the article recommended very very simple care routine: deep cleansing every night and every morning using a gentle cleanser, extra purifying the skin with gel cleanser and a sponge/brush and toner. After this, in the evening apply a very rich nourishing cream (for dry skin preferably - so that no extra sebum is produced since the moisturization is deep) and in the morning a rich cream with high SPF for great protection. And that's all! No extra gel, no eye cream, no abrasives, nothing. 

I was intrigued! 

So I gave it a try, thinking what can happen? I was anyways trying a lot of stuff then, so I went to the pharmacy, bought home the needed creams and 1 month later I finally felt my skin relaxed. Not all the spots have disappeared and I still get few blemishes but more than anything, I love the relaxed feeling my face has. It looks calm and even nourished. I will continue like this, as it seems the best routine for me yet.

I am not saying this can go for everyone with acne problems, but might be a starting point as it was for me. Who knows?

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