Sunday, May 25, 2014

3 things you can do this Sunday for yourself

  • Cook something new or something you really love! Cooking is said to be one very creative yet very calming activity. It helps you focus on one thing, work towards your goal and in the same time keeps you calm, relaxed and creative regarding your dish. It's like a stress release therapy.
I am not much of a cook myself but I do like to see others cooking and also I would like to learn someday to be better at this. In the mean time I like trying my hand at simple new dishes or stick to those that I really love and am good at.

So I advise you this weekend to take some time and enjoy this very creative means of being calm and yet focused. Your dish might turn out great:)

  • Get a fresh manicure/pedicure - this is exactly what I plan to do today! I like going to get a mani with my friend, it's a really fun and relaxing girl time but I also like to do it in the comfort of my house. It relaxes me soo much, and I really love the look of a fresh mani - so for me this is a very loved me-habit that I try to keep as often as I can! 

All images from Pinterest

  • Last for not least, finish your weekend with some easy exercising. Be that you will go for a walk in the park, biking maybe as the weather is great, swimming, running or doing yoga at home - I really recommend finishing the weekend with some workout. It will make you feel toned, refreshed and will help reduce the negative thoughts about the new week. It is a great stress releaser and sets a good mood for what's to come. For me, I will go running sometime until lunch and finish the day with a bike ride in the woods. Best way to clear my mind!

What plans do you have for today friends?


  1. The salad is ready - yogurt, letuce, pepperminth and cucumber, the mani is for this afternoon and i've just leave my bike in the backyard :) This IS the weekend at its best :)

    1. Mmm... your salad sounds great, must have been delicious!! Yes indeed, this is the perfect recipe for a very relaxing weekend!


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