Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fashion Experiments - Summer Dressing

Ah, summer is finally here and with it come the many many choices of summer dressing (talk about world problems..). I love dressing for warm weather as I see endless possibilities of expressing my daily mood and still not get in any creative root.

My personal way of dressing (style would be an overestimation) has definitely evolved over the years and I no longer seem to be attracted by the same looks as before. Luckily enough I still like most of my clothes but combine them in totally different way than before.

From where I used to dress more feminine and classic, now I strongly navigate towards comfort, easy dressing with a twist. I like simple tops with blue washed jeans and sandals, shirts with pants/jeans and sneakers, stripes with everything, and so on. I find that the simpler an outfit is, the sexier it seems to me. Simple colors, neutral ones, simple cuts, the classic jeans, panama hat and maybe a sexy shoe and a red lip is all I need to feel at my most beautiful and confident self.

All this being said, without any other comments form my side, I leave you with the images I have pinned on my board for summer dressing inspiration. I am mostly to shamelessly copy all the below, I have no standards whatsoever when it comes to a pretty outfit I spot:).

Enjoy and get inspired for the summer breezy days!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6/02/2014

    Tari pozele. Plus ca erau necesare niste inspiratii pentru tinutele de vara! :)


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