Friday, May 30, 2014

Decor Experiments - Dining Rooms

I am a firm believer that the action of eating has a huge role and impact in our general well being. Eating in a very crowded and noisy place automatically entices you to eat faster and rush out. Talking in the same time while you are eating is totally shifting your attention and you forget what you are doing. All these habits can be very harmful for our body. Our digestion will be harder, bloating appears, we don't chew all our food, we feel sleepy after we eat, we gain weight etc. I won't even touch the other problems that we can give to our stomach and the extra work it has to put to digest all the food.

This is why I like very much, and prefer anytime, to eat in the comfort and peace of my own home. I like to create a very warm place that gives me calm, where I can focus on my food in an enjoyable manner. A nicely furnished dining room can contribute more than you can imagine to changing a bad habit into a good one. So, surround yourself in the dining room with all those things that inspire serenity and happiness like white colored accessories, green plants, wooden details. Statistically they are proven to comfort our brain a lot and ease down the push of adrenaline which causes us to rush all the time. 

Also, besides the exterior, focus a lot on your interior rhythm. Try to calm down your thoughts and focus on the activity at hand. Don't consider the eating part to be wasted time and don't start reading or doing anything in the same time. Try to do it as singular activity. Little by little, you will get to enjoy these peaceful moments with yourself. Your stomach will thank you and you will get the habit of not rushing yourself into any action, but rather focus on each activity at time.

OK, lecture is done:). Now I am rewarding you for reading this far with some nice inspiration for very serene dining rooms! Enjoy!







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