Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Experiments Talk - Girl Time

I came to enjoy and cherish very  much the girl time I indulge in from time to time. Impossibly easy we get lost in the many work tasks we have, the free time we spend at home doing chores, taking care of babies (for those who have) and nourishing a relationship, that we tend to put the girl time on the last position in the priority list.

When we do manage to get out with the girlfriends a great feeling surrounds us of sharing those things only another woman can understand. 

I have quite few moments of girl time spent with few dear ladies in my life, but separately. They are all different from each other and I am so lucky as I get unique points of view and perspectives on almost all my thoughts, issues. It goes both ways, I love to be there for them and give my opinions every time I am asked. 

I confess I am more of a friend that enjoys company but not the pressure of watering the friendship. I like to accompany myself with woman that, even if we don't see each other every month, know that I am there and I have the mutual feeling. I tend to get out very quickly from those friendships that are very high maintenance. So I am left with very few girlfriends, but I would never want anything else, and would never change anything on either of them.

We talk nails, beauty, fashion, babies, relationships, men, sex, in-laws, books - I think there is no subject in the world that we are not open and don't talk about. A warm friendship gives you that calm and intimate feeling of sharing and being comfortable while doing so. No judgement goes inside a true friendship.

To get a bit more on the technical side "female friendship wasn't just good for the soul: It's good for your health. Researchers, who studied elderly women over a period of 10 years, concluded the presence of "good friends" in a woman's life increased life expectancy. " Generally good girlfriends halp you stay more true to yourself and not lose so much focus on things that, at some points, you think are huge in your life. 

A meeting with my girls gets me very refreshed and happy.

So I advise you, no matter how busy you can get with everything going on in your life, there is no better therapy that a coffee date/ night spent with your best girlfriends. Make that time, at least in a while, and meet them up.

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