Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend reading

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This week was all sorts of busy at work and at home. I handled and finished some big tasks at work, I finally tackled some changes at home, I got a bit productive here, I even managed to indulge in some things for myself - get some quiet moments for reading, relaxing and maybe just being. All in all a great week in my book!

Weekend has now started and I saw no better way to step my foot in it than with a cup of coffee and some nice writing and updating. So below are my top 5 link picks for this weekend:

  • 4 Exercises for your best butt and body - since Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner I get quite enthusiastic and energetic about doing workouts in different forms. I now have a routine which I absolutely love: I work out fixed trainings 2 times/week; I run 3 times/week and 1 other time (or more, depending on my time) I work a bit at home. And for this I like to follow the exercises in the above article - it helps me get toned and lean in the areas I need the most.
  • How to read body language - I liked this article because it's funny and it actually made me be more aware of my own body language. So I will probably watch others like a hawk in a hard attempt to understand what they think:) 
  • Great inspiration for outdoor spaces - As I am also trying to make my backyard more comfortable for outdoor activities, I find myself in a constant state of research of images/inspiration that can fit my taste, my space and my budget. I liked a lot this article especially because i thought is was funny to see how different Nordic people decor their spaces compared to Spanish/Mediterranean people. 
  • Cannes - what celebrities wore - I think this one speaks for itself - so if you are curious, just browse around to see what the celebs wore for this year's festival.
  • Summer Fashion Staples - since we are just few weeks away from official start of summer, I am sure most of you already have lists or virtual carts around the web with must haves of the season. I am sharing this article as the items proposed are just up my alley - chic, comfortable but still different and very fresh. My favorites are 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. I have even already added these items to my wishlist.

Enjoy the reading and your weekend friends!

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