Sunday, May 18, 2014

3 things you can do this Sunday for yourself

I am a creature of habit and comfort. I have no problem in having an extremely busy Saturday filled with lunches, meetings, parents - you name it - but, when it comes to Sunday, I tend to get quite strict in making any plans. I prefer to keep Sundays for myself and do some of the things that I love, even if they are few - they are rewarding and it makes me finish the weekend in a great mood and start Monday energized and positive.

Here are some of the things that I really love doing on a regular Sunday:

  • I like to step out of my normal eating mode and try something new or revert to something I know but really really love. It definitely must be something I am not eating every day - so it usually feels like a true indulgence

  • When the temperatures are warm I love to go for a walk in the nature. I usually do a bike ride in the forest near my house, in a very slow pace so I can enjoy the very clean air and the peaceful yet thrilling sounds the forest makes. I immediate feel refreshed and see things more in perspective. These forest walks have become my go-to for mind detox. 

  • And finally, I like to end up the day in a very calm and intimate atmosphere. I usually make a cup of my favorite tea and curl in bed. Depending on my mood I either read a book, watch a movie or just use the time to sit with my husband and have very long talks. I cherish a lot these moments, they became very dear to me. 

Any plans for today?


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