Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Books I read - Revenge wears Prada

Lately I found myself being in the mood for some really light chick lit, the kind that really won't make you think to much of what is happening in the book but it rather takes you into some fantasy world, and you end up asking yourself - do people really have these kinds of problems? Most probably some do, but I think the big majority don't.

So, to nurture my easy reading itch, I picked up the sequel from the famous The devil wears Prada, easily named Revenge wears Prada. One advice for you - don't ready the book, wait for the movie if it comes. You know what they say ,and its true in 99% of the cases, that the book is much better than the movie? Well, not the case here.

I quite enjoyed The Devil wears Prada movie and am sure that the sequel will be nice as well, but the book - not really worth it. It starts showing where Andy is 10 years after quitting Runway magazine and most of the times is brings back flashes of explanations from the past to show some sort if continuity between the books. She has a new boyfriend and then husband, she's friends with the much-dreaded 1st assistant, Emily Charlton, she owns her own magazine now (of course), meets up with Miranda Devil Priestly, things heat up - they end up selling the magazine to her, she gets a divorce and in the end gets back with Alex - the boyfriend from book 1. The end! Really, that's all there is! 

I am avid reader and I love books, but most of all, I love to understand what the writer wanted to convey as message. Because of that, most of the times I stick till the end of the book, even if I am not quite fond of it. So as you can see, I don't really recommend this book, just wait for the movie, I am sure that the story will be translated much better on the screens than in written form.

Next up on my night stand - Sega: Spiritual adventures in Nepal - the story of an ordinary guy who used to be a copywriter at McCann. The guy has a great sense of humor so I am quite excited to see how he built his story. Will make a review once I am done!

Happy mid-week friends! Be good!

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