Sunday, June 1, 2014

3 things you can do this Sunday for yourself

It's raining so beautifully outside! The sun is also shining and the contrast colors that come from light and water are amazing. Summer rains are one of those most beautiful moments that you can take advantage off. 
During rain, usually everything around quiets down. No noise, no disruptions. Use these moments to the fullest for yourself.

  • make yourself a delicious hot coffee, take your favorite book and sit by the window. Enjoy your read but also the beauty of rain and the tranquility sound of water against your window. It brings instant peace of mind.

  • when the rain stops for a bit, put your raining boots on and go outside - enjoy the fresh smell that only after the rain prevails, enjoy the nature sounds. A 30 min walk after the rain is over has an amazing effect on the body and soul.

  • Finish your day with a hot steamy bath. This is totally great way to clean the day off. Prepare your bath, use some essential oils and bath salts, some nice relaxing music on the background, candles and dip in. Let all your senses get suspended in the multitude of attractions.

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Enjoy your Sunday friends!

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