Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Inspiration - Summer Hair

I don't know what's with me this week, but all I can think right now is summer. Summer holiday, summer dressing, summer hair you name it. Maybe because it's been raining a lot lately and it's very cold outside for summer weather, or maybe because my holiday starts in 3 weeks time and I can't wait for it. Maybe both.

Lately I've been considering changing my hair style, maybe adding few highlights here and there, chopping it shorter, curling it loosely - all those things to have a summer looking hair which seems to be so naturally undone. However I know the amount of work need to achieve such a look. But I love the end result, so for me it's totally worth it.

I made a selection of hair styles that I love at the moment, for short and big hair alike, and maybe this will help me decide what I want sooner, and could get you inspired as well. Almost all are following the oh-so-loved cropped trend. Enjoy!




(source Pinterest)

How will you keep your hair this summer? Which is the most inspiring style?


  1. I have a blunt bob which I've sported for many years. It seems to suit me but these choppy cuts are inspiring me to perhaps make a change.

  2. Another awesome picture blog..... i see you as having the no2 image starting from the top.


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