Friday, January 23, 2015

Life, lately

... has been very hectic with major big and small things that kept rolling on and on. 
But the summer has passed leaving me with a feeling of un-lived experiences, un-touched moments and un-felt emotions. Winter came and with it the holidays and celebrations, passed, and now it is quiet and peaceful again. As inside, so outside. 

I must confess I am happy about the stillness of the present moment that I am living right now. This year has been a carousel drive with very high hights and low lows, but I understood some time ago that each thing we go through is an amazing experience from the perspective of learning and understanding oneself. And so it is. Rewarding. Insightful.

I will be back with my posts, as, since summer I kept opening the blog from time to time and it made me feel so good just leafing through it, it's a place that really feels like home to me. So I am trying to make more time and dedicate it to this place, as I cherish very much the time I spend writing, checking, reading and posting a new articles. 

That being said, catch up with you soon!

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