Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Experiments talk - What being creative really means

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We are surrounded by a strong and misleading myths about creativity. We are said from the start that people either are or not creative, and that being creative means you will always have great ideas. If you work in finance you are from the start not creative, but if you work in marketing then you definitely must be. There, no need to give it another thought. We are put in a box and labeled.

But have you wondered that it might be totally different than this?

I strongly believe creativity is all about trial and error. It's not about getting it right the first time, or the second time. It's about trying without feeling the pressure of the goal. Due to the society we live in, we are forced and pressured to get it right every single time and we develop of fear of being wrong and inhibit all our chances of being creative. In order for us to feel creative we need to get others confirmation that we are and we need to have guaranteed success in all our actions - which is a huge inhibiting factor, it's a show stopper. When you get it wrong, out of fear you chose the easy path and say I am not creative, I'll leave it to the ones who are. But we don't realize that in those particular moments we give up to a very important side of us, we hide it.

The truly brilliant creative ones are those people who are willing to make mistakes, to try. The real essence of creativity is the joy you get from the experience, without worrying about the outcome. When you put aside all society patterns that limit you, when you don't setup a goal and you just let yourself flow, you will find out that the path of creating something is absolutely amazing. You feel free, you feel powerful and in charge of your own ideas. You might get it right and feel rewarded, or get it wrong and learn. Don't get attached to the result and don't put your focus in it as you will miss the whole journey. I am most of the times guilty of that. 

I found that having moments when I let my thoughts flow, my ideas to set, are the most creative and relaxing ones for me. I get all my inspiration from the moments when I have no purpose, no fear of making mistakes, no problem in actually getting in wrong - I learn so much from those moments. I learn more about me, about other people, about the setup for which I am brainstorming ideas. 

How do you feel about your own creativity? Do you set goals for yourself, are you afraid of results? 
Just take few moments and think about it, think deep. And next time you feel you are not creative try to reverse the pattern - you are creative, but need your own way of sorting out ideas, of letting inspiration flow. Don't be afraid to try, fear is the biggest rock chained to our feet.


  1. Insightful article. Painting is my passion and as you rightly pointed out, I always worry about my own ability. My friends used to say me that I am a fairly good painter, but when I see other people's work, I feel that I am nothing compared to them, but all times, it may not necessarily be true. Expressing oneself fearlessly is the real creativity whether it is art or any field or even life and that gives the utmost satisfaction and happiness. And anything done to near perfection is creativity, even simple tasks like making a good tea is creativity. I liked the last sentence very much "fear is the biggest rock chained to our feet" and I agree completely, it is true at least in my case. As humans, we always crave for our fellow being's approval and thinking beyond that is difficult.

  2. We, as humans, are all trapped in fear of some sorts. It is a matter of own perseverance to remove it from our lives. I am sure you are a great painter, you are a great writer as well. But my opinion, and others' for that mater, should be only small pebbles and not the whole picture. Believe in your own creativity to unleash it:) and share you art with all of us!

  3. Nice article ..... greetings from the Google Plus Engagement Blog Club.

  4. Your points about creativity are well-taken. I have distinct memories as a child of trying to draw or paint, not doing it very well and becoming very discouraged. It was as if there was only one right way to do it, as if creativity only could be purely representational and not abstract. I have that feeling of abandonment and letting go of the outcome when I write. This is very satisfying to me. Thanks for validating what I feel.


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