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Experiments Talk - Working out motivation

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Continuous and sustainable exercise is improving the general body condition and it helps skin age slowly by helping the body increase the general production of elastin and collagen. It helps the blood maintain a natural flow and consistency, it irrigates all the body organs and so on. I am pretty sure most of us are quite familiar with how many benefits we can have from daily exercise.

But the biggest problem we face is motivation. It is hard to start and even harder to continue especially when alone. But beyond any tips, any information that is out there, the most important thing for each individual is to have that moment to realize on it's own, without any outside influence, that exercise is good for the body and for the soul. In the moment when the brain makes the click, then you are set to go. You will need at times motivation, friends with whom to share thoughts, workout gear etc. But if you clicked, you are sold. However no one can do that for you, no matter the tone of information around, you will always be informed but unwilling. So first step is to just think about it in peace, have your moment when you let the idea flow within you and see how it feels.

Ideally, after decision is taken, action should also be taken immediately - keep momentum! Pick the best form of exercising that fits your needs, body type, metabolism and go with those. Don't lose trust when you're body is reacting slower at the beginning, when everything aches and when motivation is gone missing. If you pass the first stage you are sold forever, it will be very hard to have one day without any sort of workout, let alone quit.

So, here are some ideas that helped me pass the first stage:
  • music - I bought myself huge headset, made a selection of amazing songs and every time I go out running I just turn that loud and let the sound run through my ears, my body - I just find that, for 45 minutes, time freezes
  • make small goals for yourself - something like: this week I plan to run 4 times/ in 1 month I plan to lose x kg etc - whatever works for you. Be quite realistic though and have in mind to pick from the start what type of exercise you want: toning and maintenance or weight loss. 
  • plan a bit ahead - take your small goal and add a small plan to it: I want to run 4 times this week and I will do it Monday/ Wed/ Sat/Sun - you get the drill. Planning your workout is the same as planning your office work, the better the planning, the greater the results.
  • be consistent, don't make excuses - this is the hardest one. It took me a lot of time to get over this one. But once I fully understood and saw how good exercising is for me generally I found it harder and harder to find excuses not to run. 
I now made a routine of running around 4 times a week during working days, once or twice a week I do indoor exercising and Saturday/Sunday I usually go for very long walks or biking in my neighborhood. Now it feels so hard to let a day pass without any form of exercising, but the beginning was tough though :)

So it actually all goes to the image question - Will you? 
[Not to be pushy here, but you need to:). The hectic times we live, nutrition, stressed work environments usually leave you drained. 30 min of exercising daily or even once in 2 days will clean up everything a day of work did to you.]

How do you stay motivated about exercising?

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