Sunday, June 15, 2014

Deco Experiments - Kitchens

It is already a common fact that cooking, like dancing or some of the sports, have a great effect on our brain, in terms that it makes us relax a lot. Due to the natural endorphin release while doing something we actually enjoy, a lot of people get to love this activity. 

Now, I am not a person that cooks or likes to cook necessarily. I only step in the kitchen when I totally crave for something, when there is nothing left in the fridge, or when my husband has a particular dish in mind. So then I set in the kitchen and cook. I don't like to buy ready made food, nor do I like to order in. I try to maintain myself on the healthy eating side, so I avoid as much as possible restaurants and take-outs.

Whenever I do cook I am quite good at it, or at least I get a good rating from my husband and I entirely chose to believe him. And for me, a nice looking kitchen is totally motivating me to spend time in it.

Ideally I would like it to be white, I love lately the open shelves and the contrast that the wood makes against the tiles. I like simple lines, cut from time to time by pops of color. A nicely decorated kitchen can totally spruce up your mood and help you in getting the habit of cooking at home, which means more healthy food. This is my biggest goal for this year, to experiment more in my kitchen both in decorating and cooking.

For your eyes' delight and Saturday's read, I am leaving you today with some great kitchen images that I saved for inspiration.

But before that, do you agree - can kitchen decor influence the amount of time spent in it?


  1. I absolutely love these photos! I definitely think that decor can change how much time you want to spend there :) x
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  2. Thanks Tiny Tang! glad you like the images:)

  3. +Adelina Toma Great Picture Blog! i trust your pinning these images to a Pinterest Pin Board, what is your Pinterest add i will follow you, mine is

  4. Love the photos. Great ideas. Thanks. Loved the red stools in a white kitchen. We have a white kitchen which is open and includes a family room. I just cleaned it today and am on the couch looking at the sparkling white countertops. We spend most of our time in this big room so we have decorated it simply and cleanly which suits our taste.


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