Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday's color - Red

(source Pinterest)

Start your week in an energized manner! You know, the way you start your Monday can influence the way you feel for the entire week, it's all in your attitude (remember this one?). Now, you don't want to mess with that, do you?

Red is one of the most energizing colors that we have in Pantone code and fairly enough, it can totally brighten your day. So, be sneaky and wear something red today:) - whatever you like!

Use also few small tips to ease your way through your tasks that can decrease the burden you feel at the beginning of the week:
  • make to-do lists: 1 with the objectives for the entire week or longer period/ 1 for today to keep you focused
  • prepare your coffee extra good today so when you sip it you have a very rewarding feeling
  • take few breaks during the day for chatting with colleagues or for getting inspiration around the web (depending how sociable you are)
  • keep a positive mood
  • try to work few hours in a row without allowing distractions, rewards yourself with 5-10 min brakes of air, walking around the office - moving your body generally

And don't forget, great coffee, positive attitude, love for yourself and joy for all the small things in life will take you a long long way!

Enjoy Monday and have a great week ahead friends! 


  1. Anonymous6/02/2014

    Cred ca ar trebui sa fac si eu o lista cu chestii de facut. Plus ca o cafea buna e perfecta, cel putin pentru o zi de luni! Pupici :)

  2. Asa este draga mea! O cafea buna te scoate din multe:). Sa ai o zi frumoasa si o saptamana usoara!


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