Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fashion Experiments - Summer White

White is one of the colors that never go out of style. We have summer white, winter white, spring white - you name it. It just goes with every other color and every season and makes all the outfits feel fresh, polished and sensually cool. 

I like a lot white for summer as it gives me that very relaxed vibe that people normally have after holidays, it goes perfectly well with all the colors muting some and highlighting others, and it goes great with my skin tone. It boosts up my mood, I feel pretty cool when wearing white. 

Think of an all-white look with a red lip and black shoes for contrast, or of crisp white pants and jeans shirt, peach lips and glow-y cheeks, white dress and Grecian inspired sandals, white shirt and colored pants, white skirt and grey t-shirt - just few combinations that pop into my mind when thinking of white - possibilities are endless.

Below are some of ideas that I will definitely re-create!

(source Pinterest)

What is your summer color?


  1. Great Picture Blog, white for me is a very elegant colour.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words Roona!


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