Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pina Colada

       I just finished this book "Wife 22" and somehow it got me thinking on the much debated endless questions - what is indeed a relationship and what is the glue that holds people together after a long period of time?

       In the book the couple was together for 20 years but somehow both drifted apart from each other. Like in the song Pina Colada the husband came with this idea where he was an online researcher about marriage that asked the wife different questions - she didn't know that it was him. The whole thing ended up with her falling in love with the "researcher". Of course she found out in the end it was the husband - happy ending.

      But my questions is - does this also happen in real life? As much as I would like to think that these things are very real somehow it is a bit hard to picture a long time couple putting up the energy of creating such thing to save the relationship. What would be the trigger to do such gesture? Is it remaining love, or maybe habit or maybe the fear of not being alone after such a long period, or to keep the convenience of a family for the children and the rest of the world?

       It actually got me thinking a lot on this topic as I am in a relationship that I consider to be what I always wanted, and find in it everything I need. But I can't help thinking if this will stay unaltered after a longer time, and if it alters will I have the energy to get it back?

       So what makes people run for their relationship?

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