Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend activity - Healthy eating

I found this image the other day and for me it hit the spot, as I am an avid consumer of all things vegetarian and salads, and knowing more ways to make them it seems so logical and good. It actually made me do my grocery list in anticipation:). Of course I would take out the meat from these, because personally I feel very good with out it, but you can mix how you feel and be inspired.

And since it's Sunday and you have both some free time on your hands and might be thinking what good things to cook for lunch or a healthy snack, I am sharing below some favorites that I make on rotation and make me feel full, healthy and energetic.

Happy Cooking Sunday!!
Any own favorites to share back?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life, lately

... has been very hectic with major big and small things that kept rolling on and on. 
But the summer has passed leaving me with a feeling of un-lived experiences, un-touched moments and un-felt emotions. Winter came and with it the holidays and celebrations, passed, and now it is quiet and peaceful again. As inside, so outside. 

I must confess I am happy about the stillness of the present moment that I am living right now. This year has been a carousel drive with very high hights and low lows, but I understood some time ago that each thing we go through is an amazing experience from the perspective of learning and understanding oneself. And so it is. Rewarding. Insightful.

I will be back with my posts, as, since summer I kept opening the blog from time to time and it made me feel so good just leafing through it, it's a place that really feels like home to me. So I am trying to make more time and dedicate it to this place, as I cherish very much the time I spend writing, checking, reading and posting a new articles. 

That being said, catch up with you soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Inspiration - Summer Hair

I don't know what's with me this week, but all I can think right now is summer. Summer holiday, summer dressing, summer hair you name it. Maybe because it's been raining a lot lately and it's very cold outside for summer weather, or maybe because my holiday starts in 3 weeks time and I can't wait for it. Maybe both.

Lately I've been considering changing my hair style, maybe adding few highlights here and there, chopping it shorter, curling it loosely - all those things to have a summer looking hair which seems to be so naturally undone. However I know the amount of work need to achieve such a look. But I love the end result, so for me it's totally worth it.

I made a selection of hair styles that I love at the moment, for short and big hair alike, and maybe this will help me decide what I want sooner, and could get you inspired as well. Almost all are following the oh-so-loved cropped trend. Enjoy!




(source Pinterest)

How will you keep your hair this summer? Which is the most inspiring style?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration - Summer holidays

Ah..this time of the year ... most of us have our holidays booked and just few weeks are setting us apart. We start making plans of what to do, what to visit, how to split the activities and the days so that we get the most out of everything. We make mental lists with what to pack , how much to spend, what electronics to take - endless question marks.

We get very positive and enthusiastic, we start counting the days. During summer most of us take "the big holiday", of 2 weeks, the lucky ones even 3.

I am very much a summer person. During my summer holidays I love to go to Greece, I cannot even consider any other destination that could offer me more pleasure and recharge me in a better way than 2 weeks in Greece do. I adore spending my days reading books, having endless talks, countless sea dips, great food, all with the sea waves crushing around me. I love the smell of sea, the look of it, the feel of it. I love to sit and watch it for hours and not get bored. This holiday for me is the one that I look most forward to. Call me lazy or comfortable, but on the beach and in the water is where I renew. I step in a world of freedom, I forget about my other life which involves work, home problems etc, and I absorb with every pore the magic of salty water and careless life. I might have been a mermaid in other life or maybe I was a fisherman living on waters all my life. 

I have another small point to make, so that you don't think I'm a beach vegetable, which is not that far from the truth:). 

During spring I take a week off to wonder the streets of Europe. This spring I have been in Provence and,boy!, was I amazed! Amazed by its little colorful streets, amazed by the the nice and very relaxed people, by its history, by its food. If you are considering Provence I totally recommend it - but in spring or autumn when its not so hot.

(source Pinterest)

What about you? How do you spend your summer holidays? Beach hanging or city roaming?

Happy new week friends!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Deco Experiments - Kitchens

It is already a common fact that cooking, like dancing or some of the sports, have a great effect on our brain, in terms that it makes us relax a lot. Due to the natural endorphin release while doing something we actually enjoy, a lot of people get to love this activity. 

Now, I am not a person that cooks or likes to cook necessarily. I only step in the kitchen when I totally crave for something, when there is nothing left in the fridge, or when my husband has a particular dish in mind. So then I set in the kitchen and cook. I don't like to buy ready made food, nor do I like to order in. I try to maintain myself on the healthy eating side, so I avoid as much as possible restaurants and take-outs.

Whenever I do cook I am quite good at it, or at least I get a good rating from my husband and I entirely chose to believe him. And for me, a nice looking kitchen is totally motivating me to spend time in it.

Ideally I would like it to be white, I love lately the open shelves and the contrast that the wood makes against the tiles. I like simple lines, cut from time to time by pops of color. A nicely decorated kitchen can totally spruce up your mood and help you in getting the habit of cooking at home, which means more healthy food. This is my biggest goal for this year, to experiment more in my kitchen both in decorating and cooking.

For your eyes' delight and Saturday's read, I am leaving you today with some great kitchen images that I saved for inspiration.

But before that, do you agree - can kitchen decor influence the amount of time spent in it?

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